Visas and vaccinations for third countries you plan to visit before or after your visit to Uruguay: please check with your travel agent or with the Secretariat. Uruguay does not require any special vaccinations. Read more…. (link a la parte de visas más detallada )

The official language in Uruguay is Spanish, but English is widely spoken, being taught at schools as a second language

Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and shops.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for health or travel insurance of participants, or for theft or personal injury. We recommend attendees to make their own arrangements. Hotels and the Convention Center have emergency medical coverage.

Uruguay is a safe country for visitors. However, we recommend following the usual precautions suggested worldwide or in major cities in order to avoid incidents.

Shopping Malls close to the official hotels in Montevideo
PUNTA CARRETAS SHOPPING – open daily from 10am to 10pm.
MONTEVIDEO SHOPPING CENTER – open daily from 10am to 10pm
Shopping Mall close to the Convention Center and hotels area in Punta del Este
PUNTA DEL ESTE SHOPPING MALL – open daily from 10am to 10pm

Usual tips in restaurants are 10% depending on service provided – it is not mandatory.

March is the end of the summer season in Uruguay, and going into the autumn. Temperatures are variable and range from 15ºC up to 25ºC; however days may be sunny and temperatures can go up to 30ºC at midday or cold if it rains.

It is suggested to bring summer clothes as well as warm jacket or coat for the evenings or rain jacket as well as rubber sole shoes for the farm visits as it can also be windy, rainy or even cold in March.

Uruguayan currency is the “peso” ($). American Dollars are widely accepted in most shops and ATM machines are all over, also Exchange Bureaux around the hotels and Shopping Mall. Uruguayan peso per American Dollar exchange rate as at January 2018 is $ 28 pesos per US$ 1 American Dollar.

Uruguayan plugs are similar to European plugs, Australian or Chinese, either three fine ones in a row or Schuko Italian style. We suggest you bring in international multiple adaptors though you can get adaptors at any supermarket. There are “adapters” and “converters”. “Adapters” simply let you plug your device into an outlet designed to receive a different-shaped plug. “Converters” actually change the voltage.

Uruguay uses 220v electricity, rather than the U.S. standard of 120v (volts). Most laptop computers and all cellphones have a converter built into the power cord, so you would only need an adapter for that device. Don’t try to use an USA 120 v hair dryer or shaver into a 220v socket as you will burn it. There are these appliances suitable for both types of power voltage in the market for travelling purposes.

The ones below are the most common power outlets used:

Please advise the Secretariat of any special requirements.

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