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Uruguay, a small corner in the world located between Argentina and Brazil, where  soil fertility turns the agricultural sector into the main country’s economic income.   This small country land, with only 3 million inhabitants, has more than 12 million cattle heads, using 84% of its territory in farming, with 13 million has. of native pasture with more than 250 breeds.

Uruguay is the 7th beef meat exporter in the world, with access to 150 markets.   We produce 1 million tons of live weight per year, exporting 70% of the production, representing  5% of the meat volume exported worldwide.Regarding beef consumption, Uruguay occupies the 1st position at world level with 57,8 kgs per person per year.  This fact, combined with the ranking in whisky consumption, will make your visit  quite an experience.

The Aberdeen Angus Breeders Society of Uruguay (SCAAU) is the institution responsible for the organization of the World Angus Secretariat 2019.   Its main goal is to promote the development of the breed in Uruguay, adding value to Angus product in all the producing chain, offering support and backup to breeders, generating knowledge  instances and integration for rural farmers as well as strengthening bonds with local and international institutions alike.

Get to know our Breeders
Uruguayans are people with tradition  with European roots. They have a progressive and modern vision which would be interesting to get acquainted  in relation to cattle breeding production.

Get to know our quality
Achieving meat quality is of most importance to Uruguay.  For this reason farmers excel themselves betting on natural based breeding.      On the other hand the regulating institutions help applying sanitary and beef political regulations.  Since 1962, hormones or growing aids are prohibited as well as a traceability system unique in the world has been incorporated since 2006, called “from the field to the plate”, which allows continuous follow up of the animal till slaughter time.  

The World Angus Secretariat 2019 will be held in this country where the scenery is mostly green colored.

Visiting Uruguay will not only  be an opportunity to get to know the production system, generate good business and discover the quality of its meat, but  it will also be a great opportunity to mix intense networking and production of this activity under the peaceful and touristic beauty which Uruguay will show  you. On top of it all, Punta del Este is the most important seaside resort in the Americas.

Business opportunities are the fruit of work, the beauty of Uruguay is a gift for those who try it. WELCOME TO THE LAST BIG FARM, come and discover the secrets of its meat production and  enjoy our culture. Uruguay waits for you at the World Angus Secretariat 2019.

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